iMX Plus Security Control Panels

iMX Plus

Multi-technology control panel

PLUS family, simple and powerful

The iMX Plus family is a last generation control panel range for wired and wireless security systems, designed for maximum reliability and adaptability to different applications.

The different models allow to select the best combination for the user needs, both for features and for costs, with the possibility of expansion of the system.

iMX Plus family is equipped with many functions:

  • Advanced wired and wireless technologies, expandability, speech synthesis (voice samples on micro-SD card), PSTN and GSM/GPRS communicators, LAN connection, app for smartphone, management and programming software.
  • iMX Plus family installation is made easy thanks to its special characteristics and functions, such as speech synthesis for lines and channels tests, self-learning of peripherals, serial bus (sirens, terminals, detectors and expansions), non-volatile memory, software for programming and events log (locally, GPRS, LAN and CSI Cloud service connections).
  • The wide and stylish graphic display and the keypad (not on mod. iMX Lite Plus), both blue backlighted.

Service operations on iMX Plus are simple and powerful:

  • Remote programming (via WLink, LAN, CSICloud or direct cable), firmware upgrade to most recent version without physical access and lost of WLINK or RS485 detectors, system status information, battery consumption and much more.
  • No need for special training about system working to the user: arming and disarming procedures are simple and customizable, speech synthesis informs about system status, bi-directional communicators notify in real time the user and allow to interact with the system.
  • System activations managed by bi-directional remote controls (with status change confirm), proximity keys, numeric codes, app for smartphone, and all this in any combination.

Thanks to the CSICloud service and the SweetHome Mobile app, the smartphone becomes a system terminal. The configuration is extremely simple, without the need of static IP addressing or dynamic DNS services. The connection is possible both via LAN and via GPRS.

Other specifications:

  • Up to 8 e-mails
  • Microphone inputs for remote listening
  • Cord alarm switches directly managed by inputs
  • Connection self-check
  • Battery self-check

All this and much more make iMX Plus family a versatile and innovative unit, destined to remain a milestone in multifunctional alarm systems.

Information and technical specification

  • Compatible products
  • Versions
TELCOM Bi-directional PSTN interface module, for iMX family control panels.
Crypto Twin Wlink Multifunctional 5-buttons remote control, bi-directional Wlink
EProx Proximity electronic key, epoxy resin body.
ProxyKey Miniaturized proximity electronic key.
ProxyTag Proximity electronic key.
Indoor Detectors
FULLDOOR Indoor wireless magnetic contact for doors and windows, with double input for additional contacts
GHIBLI Indoor mini-detector, infrared or infrared + microwave, 12 m maximum range, different optional lenses
MiniDoor Mini magnetic indoor contact for doors and windows via radio.
MISTRAL Indoor detector, double technology (infrared + microwave), maximum range 15 m, optional lenses.
Orion Indoor ceiling detector, dual technology (IR and microwave), maximum diameter flow rate 15 m.
Sense Triaxial accelerometric multifunction sensor with magnetic contact.
VEGA Curtain detector for doors and windows, double technology (infrared + microwave)
VideoMistral Indoor detector, dual technology (IR and microwave), with camera, 15 m range.
Zephyr Indoor IR detector, maximum flow rate 8 m, installation in standard Keystone module.
Outdoor Detectors
Sentinel Outdoor triple-technology detector, 12 m max range.
Sirio Outdoor triple-technology detector, curtain protection, 12 m max range.
APE Proxy tag reader with display, wall mounting. RS485 Wlink
Ghost Wall mounted proximity tag reader with display. RS485
ProxyReader Proximity card reader with display, Keystone standard installation. RS485
SmallReader Proximity tag reader with display. RS485
Starlight Multi-functional terminal with 4,7" LCD touchscreen display
Starlight S Multi-functional terminal with 4,7" LCD touchscreen display RS485
Starlight XL Multi-functional terminal with 7” LCD touchscreen display RS485
Vision Multi-function terminal with graphic display and 16-key pad. RS485 Wlink
Indoor Sirens
BIPIEZO Indoor piezoelectric siren, with signalling tones WIRED
MINIALARM Indoor piezoelectric siren, installation in standard flush boxes (3 modules) WIRED
VOX Indoor magnetodynamic siren, wall mounting WIRED
Outdoor Sirens
DIESIS Outdoor megnetodynamic mid-power siren, self-powered WIRED RS485
EVO Outdoor magnetodynamic high-power siren, self-powered. WIRED Wlink
Boxed Expansion Boards
IPLUS HID Expansion board, 10 IN/OUT wired ports, plastic box, remote installation RS485
EUR2 Relay interface board (Open Collector / IO Ports), 2 channels
iMXEXP Inputs expansion module, 8 cabled inputs.
RS485 BUS Accessories
MULTIRS Multiplexing board for generation of six RS485 serial BUS branches from one. RS485
Power Supply
POWERPLEX Power multiplexing board, 12 VDC (6 outputs with dedicated protection, max 500 mA/output).
Standard Standard
iMX Lite Plus
CSI 020015

iMX Lite Plus Display
CSI 020016