Smart Alarm Systems Design

Customer safety as a fundamental value

Smart alarm systems to improve the quality of life

Giving the freedom to live in safety means improve the people's quality of life.

For this reason it has proved essential for our company to be aware of its role in everyday life: high quality products, reliable services, Made in Italy, research and innovation constitute the fundamental elements of the entire CSI methodology.

We design alarm and building automation systems with a specific goal: to create highly technological supports capable of transforming spaces into safe environments to live in.

The intense development that characterizes the history of CSI derives directly from a company philosophy that places security at the center: the intuitive management of the alarm systems and the interactivity of each product allow the customer to increase the level of security both in private environments. than within the working spaces.

Made in Italy is one of the essential factors for the company: all product research and development is performed exclusively in Italy, within the offices and laboratories at the Pianezza plant. We are in fact firmly convinced that Made in Italy is the best way to guarantee high quality products.

CSI values

Giving the freedom to feel safe