Design and Production of Security Systems

Design and production of advanced security systems, our watchword: innovation.

Producing alarm systems involves a great responsibility for our company which has made safety, research and innovation its strengths: we are aware that each customer entrusts home, family and affections to our devices. That's why our products must be designed as the best on the market.

Since 1986, CSI has made giant steps by innovating and always keeping intact a fundamental principle: autonomy.

In fact, we are one of the few European companies to produce products internally in complete autonomy, starting from the initial idea based on market needs, passing through hardware and software development, while at the same time dealing with the design and packaging of products.

The whole realization of each product takes place internally so as to have control over each component and to intervene promptly in case of assistance or maintenance operations.

CSI is equipped with first-rate and constantly updated development tools, instrumentation and test development of the main world brands, as well as complete equipment for testing and certification.

The company has its own anechoic chamber for EMI / RFI tests, antennas, waveguides, power generators, spectrum analyzers and EMI receivers capable of performing the most complex and accurate measurements, without having to resort to studies and external laboratories.

The quality of the alarms and systems built in our laboratories is guaranteed and certified by the Uni En Iso 9001-2008 Certified Management System and is verified through a constantly updated internal control process. The testing phase is equally important and is carried out on a sample basis, subjecting the systems to severe mechanical and electrical stress thanks to highly advanced automatic machines, capable of detecting even the smallest malfunction.

Internal know-how is the real strength of the company and has favored the creation of products such as WLINK, a system that has revolutionized the world of wireless media, or iMX, a super-compact hybrid control panel capable of high performance.

Attention to detail is one of the pluses that the company communicates through its range of products: also from an aesthetic point of view, the alarm systems are innovative, modern and perfectly match the environment in which they are inserted.

The production

Designing on customer needs, to provide tailor-made solutions