IMX PRO MS Security control panel


All-in-one modular control panel

intelligent Multiprocessor eXtended Pro Modular System

iMX Pro MS is a modular control unit for latest generation wired and wireless security systems, designed for maximum reliability and adaptability to the most diverse applications.

An iMX Pro MS system can control 16 wired lines (expandable up to 96) and 80 radio channels, as well as a large number of features and adjustments.

iMX Pro MS is simple to install and use; it is equipped with features that place it among the best performing systems on the market.

Installation is facilitated by features and functions such as modularity, RS485 BUS, non-volatile memories, programming software and historical memory display.

Thanks to the WLink radio modules of the MODUSYSTEM WB series (in Band 4 and Band 4 + 8 version, optional), iMX will be able to communicate bi-directionally with all radio devices (detectors, peripherals and router extenders). It is possible to reach distances even over a kilometer.

The communicator modules of the MultiConnect MS series (in 2G and 4G LTE versions, optional) complete the remote connectivity control unit:

  • Remote assistance: possibility of remote maintenance, with programming changes, firmware updates (control unit and sensors), programming of WLink and RS485 detectors, system status monitor.
  • Remote management: direct call from a smartphone with DTMF commands.
  • SMS: text commands sent via SMS.
  • TCP-IP: LAN connection in the local network and through the Internet.
  • CSICloud: P2P service (integrated and free) to have the control panel always reachable without complicated access procedures. Using a smartphone, it is therefore possible to control the system safely, in a simple and intuitive way.
  • SweetHome Mobile App (iOS, Android)

The historical memory has a minimum recording depth of max 4096 events and recirculation with overwriting of the oldest ones once the available space is filled.

iMX is enclosed in a practical box in plastic material, able to be integrated into any architectural context.

Information and technical specification

  • Compatible products
  • List of accessories
  • Versions
Crypto Twin Wlink Multifunctional 5-buttons remote control, bi-directional Wlink
EProx Proximity electronic key, epoxy resin body.
ProxiChic Proximity electronic key, faux leather body.
ProxyCard Proximity electronic badge.
ProxyKey Miniaturized proximity electronic key.
ProxyTag Proximity electronic key.
Apps and Software
MyTool Software for programming and control of CSI Safe Living systems
SWEETHOME MOBILE App for control of CSI systems by smartphone
Indoor Detectors
FULLDOOR Indoor wireless magnetic contact for doors and windows, with double input for additional contacts
GHIBLI Indoor mini-detector, infrared or infrared + microwave, 12 m maximum range, different optional lenses
MiniDoor Mini magnetic indoor contact for doors and windows via radio.
MISTRAL Indoor detector, double technology (infrared + microwave), maximum range 15 m, optional lenses.
Observer Dual-tech indoor detector with built-in intelligent video verification.
Orion Indoor ceiling detector, dual technology (IR and microwave), maximum diameter flow rate 15 m.
RSBLOCK 3-inputs interface module
Sense Triaxial accelerometric multifunction sensor with magnetic contact.
VEGA Curtain detector for doors and windows, double technology (infrared + microwave)
VideoMistral Indoor detector, dual technology (IR and microwave), with camera, 15 m range.
Zephyr Indoor IR detector, maximum flow rate 8 m, installation in standard Keystone module.
Outdoor Detectors
Sentinel Outdoor triple-technology detector, 12 m max range.
Sentinel Innova Outdoor triple technology detector with telemetry and stationary objects.
Sirio Outdoor triple-technology detector, curtain protection, 12 m max range.
Ghost Wall mounted proximity tag reader with display. RS485
ProxyReader Proximity card reader with display, Keystone standard installation. RS485
SmallReader Proximity tag reader with display. RS485
Starlight Multi-functional terminal with 4,7" LCD touchscreen display
Starlight S Multi-functional terminal with 4,7" LCD touchscreen display RS485
Starlight XL Multi-functional terminal with 7” LCD touchscreen display RS485
Vision Multi-function terminal with graphic display and 16-key pad. RS485 Wlink
Outdoor Sirens
DIESIS Outdoor megnetodynamic mid-power siren, self-powered WIRED RS485
EVO Outdoor magnetodynamic high-power siren, self-powered. WIRED Wlink
Boxed Expansion Boards
IPLUS HID Expansion board, 10 IN/OUT wired ports, plastic box, remote installation RS485
WLINK EXTENDER V2 Radio router for wireless range extension. Wlink
RS485 BUS Accessories
MULTIRS Multiplexing board for generation of six RS485 serial BUS branches from one. RS485
SmartTrack for Indoor applications
INNOVA Indoor SmartTrack
SmartTrack for Outdoor applications
Product name You can find in
  • iMX PRO MS CSI 020020