GATE is a latest generation control device for wired and wireless security systems. It has been designed for maximum reliability and adaptability to the most diverse systems, being able to control up to 2 wired lines and 80 radio channels, as well as an innumerable list of exclusive features.

GATE is simple to install and use, completely remotely manageable, and is equipped with features that place it among the best performing systems on the market.

GATE is equipped with historical event memory with a recording depth of 2048 standard events and recirculation with overwriting of the oldest events once the historical memory is filled.

GATE is enclosed in an attractive and discreet plastic cabinet, able to be integrated into any architectural context.

No antenna protrudes from the casing, a feature that guarantees greater camouflage and functional safety.

GATE can be remotely controlled in 4G LTE connection via CSIcloud and the SweetHome Mobile app for iOS (iPhone) and Android.

Through the connection to the CSIcloud, GATE can always be reached without complicated procedures via the smartphone and sending commands in absolute safety is absolutely simple and intuitive.

Further on in this manual, the procedures for activating the CSIcloud are discussed in detail, a means that makes checking the security system a breeze from all over the world.

Also through CSIcloud it is possible to change the GATE programming and update its firmware (the operating program), without having to access the control unit.

Main features

Management of alarm lines

2 programmable alarm inputs (Balanced, Normally Closed, FastSwitch, direct, delayed, 24 hours, group control, etc.).

Management of radio channels / RS detectors

80 fully programmable WLINK radio channels (direct, delayed, 24 hours, etc.).

User Management

32 individually recognized users (numeric codes, proxy keys, radio controls) and fully programmable (owner's name, access level, combination with activation groups, outputs, partial activations, operation block for days and times and much more).

Activation groups

8 individually manageable and fully programmable groups

Radio functions

  •  Automatic search for free Wlink frequencies.
  •  Programmable supervision for each detector.
  •  Radio channel test with signal level indication. Signaling and alarm outputs
  •  Three electronic outputs for general use that can be combined with the operating signals of the system.

Control terminals

  •  16 wireless terminals (Vision Wlink, Ape Wlink)
  •  8 Wlink sirens

System timer

56 weekly programming of automatic activation / deactivation also for single groups, signaling of advance activation by group, programmable self-reactivation if disabled.

Calendar clock

Automatic management of daylight saving time, leap years.

Historical memory

Recording of the last 2048 events on non-volatile memory, accompanied by the indication of day and time.

4G LTE communicator

  • 16 fully programmable telephone numbers.
  • Alarm messages automatically generated on micro SD card using MyTool software.
  • SMS messages automatically customized by programming.
  • Remote management in direct call with voice guidance messages, with SMS commands and via APPs for smartphones (iOS, Android).
  • Prepaid SIM card management with residual credit check.

LAN port (GATE X2 only)

  • Connection in server mode or via CSI Cloud.
  • TCP-IP, DHCP, DNS and SMTP client protocols.
  • Email sending up to 8 recipients with programmable authorizations.
  • APPs connection for smartphones (iOS, Android).

Rich software equipment

  •  MyTool (Windows) for the complete programming and diagnosis of the system locally and remotely, via TCP-IP, CSI Cloud, WLINK.
  •  Basic programming and management via SweetHome Mobile App (IOS & Android)

Information and technical specification

  • General Features
  • Technical characteristic
  • Block diagram
  • Compatible products
  • Versions
Crypto Twin Wlink Multifunctional 5-buttons remote control, bi-directional Wlink
EProx Proximity electronic key, epoxy resin body.
ProxyTag Proximity electronic key.
Indoor Detectors
FULLDOOR Indoor wireless magnetic contact for doors and windows, with double input for additional contacts
microDOOR Wireless sensor for doors and windows and home automation control transmitter
WLINK EXTENDER V2 Radio router for wireless range extension. Wlink