MyTool - Software for CSI control panels


Software for programming and control of CSI Safe Living systems

MyTool is the multifunctional software for the programming and control of Infinite and iMX main units and all peripherals associated with them.

The software includes all the tools required by professional management of security and smart building systems:

  • installed system catalogue
  • visualization of units registered at CSI Cloud service
  • main unit and peripherals programming interface
  • event log
  • visualization of snapshots from detectors with video-confirmation
  • real-time system test
  • peripheral search on serial connections
  • firmware upgrade


Compatibility: software for PC with Windows® operative system (versions 7/8/10).


Information and technical specification

  • Compatible products
Control panels
iMX M Microprocessor control panel for safety systems
iMX Plus The iMX Plus serie is simple and powerful
Infinite Security and building automation without compromises