High power wireless WLINK piezoelectric siren for outdoor use.

FLY WLINK is a wireless siren for high-power acoustic signaling of alarms, connected to suitable control panels via WLINK data link and can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

FLY is equipped with a high intensity LED flashing light for visual signaling of events and service LEDs. The self-protection is complete: internal protective shield, magnetic anti-opening and anti-removal tamper.

Programming is performed via the “MyTool” software (for Windows®) making it extremely simple

Among the possible programs:

- 3 different alarm tones;

- auxiliary LED function management.


Information and technical specification

  • Compatible products
  • General specification
  • Functions
  • Signals
  • Case / environmental
  • Versions
Control panels
GATE Control unit for Wlink wireless systems with 80 channels, simplified learning, programming and management via App.
4G communicator on board.
iMX M Microprocessor control panel for safety systems
iMX Plus The iMX Plus serie is simple and powerful
iMX PRO MS All-in-one modular control panel
Infinite Security and building automation without compromises
  • Microprocessor electronics, class D power stage
  • High power piezoelectric speaker
  • Sound pressure: 100 dB (A) @ 1m
  • High intensity LED flasher
  • Alarm self-limitation times programming
  • 3 types of ringtones
  • Maximum number of alarms
  • Programming of acoustic and light alerts
  • Siren block
  • Auxiliary signaling
  • Status change signals, system activated and alarm memory occurred

Power supply: 2 lithium batteries 3.6 V 8 Ah type LT368 (not included)

  • Anti-opening and anti-tear tamper
  • Double casing in sturdy polycarbonate
  • Degree of protection IP 54
  • Temperature range from -25 ° C to + 60 ° C